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Upcoming Events

Here are planned events that will be organized by ICT Club.

Cosmo Fest 2023

Recursion n=1

2023 December 16

The "Recursion n=1" hackathon is an exciting and innovative 24-hour event designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration among students. Participants are encouraged to tackle challenging projects that may involve machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development, hardware integration, and more.

c05m05 CTF

2023 December 21, 22

The "c05m05 CTF" competition is an Attack-Defend Capture The Flag (CTF) contest, where participants engage in an intense cybersecurity challenge. The primary objective is to exploit vulnerabilities in target systems while simultaneously defending one's own infrastructure from attacks.

Crack Code 2023

2023 December 23

"Crack Code" is a competitive programming competition that challenges participants to solve complex algorithmic and coding problems within a limited time frame. Participants aim to write efficient and correct code to solve a set of challenging computational problems, often involving data structures, mathematics, and algorithm design.


Web Dev. Bootcamp

2023 November 26 - December 1

An intensive and hands-on program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for modern web development. Throughout the bootcamp, students delve into a wide range of topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web frameworks, and front-end/back-end development.

Git Workshop

2023 December 4

The "Git workshop" is a focused session where participants learn the fundamentals of version control and collaboration using Git, a widely used distributed version control system. During the workshop, attendees are introduced to key Git concepts, such as repositories, branching, merging, and resolving conflicts.


KU Supercomputer Visit

2024 January

During this visit to Kathmandu University's supercomputer, students have the opportunity to explore and learn about the world of supercomputing, witnessing firsthand the massive computational power and infrastructure that drives scientific research, data analysis, and simulations.

About Us

The ICT Club of Cosmos College of Management & Technology is an undergraduate student-led club that primarily consists of students from the fields of Computer Engineering, IT Engineering, and Electronics & Communications Engineering. This club is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the knowledge, skills, and interests of its members in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It serves as a platform for students to collaborate, learn, and engage in various activities related to ICT.

Club Executives

Lucent Rai

Lucent Rai

BCE 2019

Rishav Pandey

Rishav Pandey

BCE 2019

Shreeja Sharma

Shreeja Sharma

BE IT 2019

Anil Ghimire

Anil Ghimire

BE IT 2019



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